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We've re-enabled signatures by default



In December of last year I decided to disable signatures by default for all members plus any members that registered. I felt this change would be a net positive for the forum, and while I still believe that, it's clear that those who care most about signatures felt differently. After some thinking I realized it was unfair for me to make this change without broad support from the forum. As of today I've re-enabled signatures across the forum.

If you'd prefer to hide them again, you can do so your "Ignore Preferences" by checking the box near the top of that page that says "Ignore all signatures when reading topics and personal messages".

Because we've re-enabled them site-wide, we've decided we will be enforcing the sig rules more strictly. Here are those rules:

  • Only one animated gif per signature.
  • Sigs are limited to 700px (width) x 250px (height) total (which means any text + images you have must be smaller than 250px tall). Click the spoiler below for a sample of that size


    • Nothing NSFW (not safe for work) in signatures and avatars. Don't forget users often visit GDC at school and work. We don't need anyone getting in trouble because someone thought the whole world should see Billie Joe's dick in their sig.
    • If you're breaking any of these rules, expect a moderator to send you a PM. If anyone has a signature that's obnoxiously large we will likely just delete it ourselves then let you know why we did. If you guys see a signature you think is way too big, please use the Report This Member link on the bottom right of a users profile so the mods can take care of it.

      Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.


Recommended Comments

Will turn them off. It was much better without them =) But good for people who liked them.

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Bastard of 1967


Agree on all counts, including clarifying and enforcing the rules so people can express their personality without turning the board into a graffiti wall. Good call.

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This is great news! I think it's much more inviting for new members to be creative and individual. If they don't feel like that, they cans still turn them off...so this is a good decision!

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November's Storms


I preferred the previous option, anyone who really cares should be able to enable them, otherwise leave them out. I'll be hiding them again now.

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Thanks Andres, great decision and thanks a lot for listening! :)

I preferred the previous option, anyone who really cares should be able to enable them, otherwise leave them out. I'll be hiding them again now.

I prefer this option, anyone who really cares about not having sigs is able to disable them and people who like it can see it.

as opposed to the previous option where anyone who doesn't care has them disabled and anyone who cares about sigs is fucked because new people don't do sigs anymore thus anyone who cares is denied sigs.

This doesn't leave anyone out, the previous option did. :P

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Damn, I was happy to see some of the sigs, but fuck me many of them are more annoying than herpes.

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