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The agent among the Sleepers.

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Generic dark song lyrics

Sleeper Agent.


I just found these lyrics in a word document, I thought it was a story idea I wrote, but it was lyrics I wrote about 6 months ago :P it's kinda dark themed and slightly fucked up/cryptic style.

Harder and harder the rain falls

Saturating and corroding my soul where it lay

The monsters of my innards are ripping out

Demons of my thoughts showing themselves

They brave the light, but I don’t show my face to the crowd.

The challenges of life weight on my shoulders

I’m not an atlas, you can't find my pages

The torment of my life encircles the gutter

Sludge of regret is filling my basin

I can end it by stepping out of the beast within.

The sludge is spewing from my wrists

The pressure releases its toxins in my soul

The knife writhes in the deadmans' trigger hand.

It doesn’t want to watch but I force it to

The implosion habit has finished before it began.

The fog of my ignorance hasn’t lifted

I’ve been carving around this dead-end wall for too long

Immersion is the only way to cleanse the shattering within.

The party has began to pull me in

I have been measured and compared.

Always deemed imperfect

Being imperfect as my perfection

Forced to been seen in a different light

The chatter settles in my head

Negative ideas stem from roots

I’ve caved into the everyman.

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