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Lyrics - Anger (Don't Collapse)

Entry posted


Track #8 from my fictional album "Psychologist". Leave dat criticism in the comments! XD

Anger (Don't Collapse)

This scar remains

In this anger and pain

Just let it go

But anger's just all you know

Lost the game

Didn't even have a chance

But this anger

just turned to shame


Step out of the fight

Just free your mind

Release your senses

and let the anger out

into the night

Don't collapse! (Let it out)

Scream and shout! (Don't collapse)

Don't collapse! (Let it out)

Lost the game

Did you have a chance?

This anger

It just doesn't have a name

But your scar remains

In your anger and pain

Can you let it go?

Or is anger all you know?



*NOTE: The words in parentheses (besides "chorus", obviously) are sung by the backup vocalist(s).


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