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Lyrics - Sabotage



Track #5 from my fictional album "Psychologist". Please leave any criticism in the comments! :D


I was unprepared for this

as you pushed me to the dirt

and away from bliss

But I really don't care

'Cause I sabotaged your place

While you were over there

Not that it matters

but I know you wouldn't dare


You sabotaged my body

but I'll sabotage your mind

I'm a non-believer

the not-hurtin' kind

So I sabotage

So you sabotage

We all sabotage

But it doesn't get us

to any place.

I don't wanna fight

But I can't let you

get away with what you did

Open up your mind

Let me get inside

Let me hurt you

just like you did!


So I sabotage

So you sabotage

We all sabotage

So fuck it;

let me hear all the hate!



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