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Lyrics - Opposition Quest



Track #4 from my fictional album "Psychologist". Feel free to leave criticism in the comments!

Opposition Quest

C'mon, boy!

Get on over here

Get onboard for the

ride of your life!

This opposition I feel

will make you wanna cry out for life


Well fuck you, man!

You're gettin' on my nerves

after we were playing kick the can

Are you on an opposition quest?

I don't fight because

it's only for the best

So, you won the game?

Well, that's just

fantastic for you

So, I lost?

Well, I don't really mind

because there was no cost.

There's no opposition quest!


C'mon, boy!

Just get off here

as this is the

end of the ride

No, I'm not physically

prepared for this

So let me sit out there

While you go do your best

I just wanted to

get this off my chest.


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