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Lyrics - Look At Me



This is track #2 for my fictional album "Psychologist". It also serves as the first song of the subcategory "State 1: Physical", which deals with problems involving physical appearances and behavior. Damn, I'm deep. XD I appreciate criticism, so please leave your thoughts in the comments!

Look At Me



Look at me!

Can you see what I see?

'Cause you'll never be as good as me."


Is that all?

It's only you

that seems to see.

Do I care?

I really don't.

Just get the hell away from me.


Why are you

chasing me?

Can't you see that I don't need

you to say this to me.


So you're still

chasing me?

Unless you want me

to strike you down

Are you feeling down?

I am me

You are you

So shut the fuck up

so I can get this through.


Just let me get it through!


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Rylee Joe Armstong


Thats really good its a hell of a lot better than I can do

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Thats really good its a hell of a lot better than I can do

Thanks! :D

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