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Cat C. joins the team as GDC's Community Manager

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Excited to announce today that Cat C.(Cathy) is joining the GDC team as our first-ever Community Manager. She will be helping us out by updating the Facebook Page and GDC Twitter account with interesting stuff around the forum.

She will also be helping us organize contests and create regular stuff for you guys to get involved with. Because this is a new role, exactly how it works out will change over time. The main focus is to help build a stronger community on GDC.

I'd also like to thank Stephen (November's Storms) for running the GDC facebook page for the month of January, and doing a fine job at it.

I'm looking forward to working with Cat on new ideas and fun ways to improve the forum. Welcome to the team :)

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I want to find a GIF of the Joker clapping, but I literally cannot think of a reason why I would want to be secretly mocking and evil....So I'll go with my initial reaction.

"Awww, good job, Cat!"

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Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Cat, you're going to be GREAT!!!!!!!

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November's Storms


I enjoyed running it! Well done Cat, I'm sure you'll do a great job! :)

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Welcome to the team, Cat. Glad to have you on board and looking forward to seeing all your wonderful and creative ideas. :)

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Congratulations Cat! :) I know that you have a creative mind and you surely are going to do a great job with it! :)

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