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Stream of Conciousness, Because School



I'm okay.

So wow, i feel like I had a lot of deep stuff to write about in an actual introspective blog post. But the best thought I've had in the past half hour was "Man, I can't wait until i get a Wii U so that I can keep playing a game when I have to go take a dump." Literally. I'm doing what I do when I try and do stuff on my computer at school: "write ten words and then click over to whatever Game Grumps episode I'm watching." And then I conveniently figure out what I was going to talk about.

That's actually pretty convenient, because I probably would otherwise be ranting about how stress effects your actual internal biological functions and stuff, and also how I'm more worried about other people than I am about me which does not actually improve my situation any despite it going pretty well. Like, I actually read something. The last time I legitimately sat down and read a textbook just to have some semblance of being prepared was...yeah that long ago. I'm actually feeling remorse for how much I've got college classes down to a science at the moment. Meanwhile my friend has to read a whole Shakespeare by...whenever.

As usual, i imagine things will return to normal soon, with regards to my cognition. By all accounts, this entry should never have been allowed to see the light of day. And we shall never speak of it again, except for these videos, which feature more social shenanigans by me:


And this one is my favorite so far. So WATCH it. WATCH ME FAIL at playing the game and SUCCEED at creating comedy!



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