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"and Games" [GDC Talk]



Okay, so I'm loving this "and Games" idea. But I want to ask people how we might go about developing that bit. I already made a Zelda thread, because behind Pokemon, it was the most discussed game in the gaming thread so I figured it was a safe bet for making a topic with plenty of discussion...but I don't think a lot of individual game series (like Fire Emblem, for instance) could make for successful threads. I've got this like personal thing about threads I like dying, so if a thread gets made, I wanna see it do well...maybe because I like to hear me talk about games...

I was thinking like, popular series like Dragon Age (which I notice got talked about a lot), Elder Scrolls, and Zelda get their series, and then we could have like... the Nintendo thread for everything else...but I feel like that leaves out the potential to focus on individual series in depth. But I know how spamming threads go over around here, and I wouldn't like seeing that happen either. I'm aware that the Gaming thread wasn't scream-shittingly (first adverb to come to mind) popular and that's why I'm skeptical that a bunch of topics about games could amount to anything...I mean there had to be a reason that games weren't included beforehand, right (and if my history is incomplete there, go ahead and fill me in on that reasoning)? So yeah, that's my question and I didn't see fit to make a topic just for that, nor did I want it somewhere on some other thread where it might be less relevant or whatever.

This also opens up the can o worms that is gaming media, stuff like Lets Plays, and animations and review shows (like PBG, Jontron, ProJared, AVGN)...well...the first and the last one would probably be good with one thread each. What am I, a community organizer now? (See what I did there?)

So there's my question of the day. I might be back with another blog post about actual more boring lifestyle things later today because school started yesterday and that's oddly the least of my frustrations at the moment. So there, some mystery for ya.


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Oooh! Or like a thread for each system! That'd be kind of tits!

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a thread for each system would leave some parts really inactive.

I like it as it is, but there are gonna be fanboys making threads left and right, getting 3 replies, 2 of them being his own, and that's it for the thread until someone else who likes the same game searches it up.

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