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I've taken the liberty to split this blog post up into three sections so you can skip right down to the one you're most interested in


Angsty Teenager School Post

Last week, (or two weeks ago I can't even remember anymore) I had exams and during this time period I was also painting a Blink 182 mural on my wall. The art ultimately outweighed my will to study and so, I started to stress a little over exam preparation. I spoke to my older-by-three-years brother, and he explained that as you get older you tend to study less, even though the material is harder. This was a huge relief for someone as anxious as me, as I compare myself with others to gain comfort/worry.

Consequently, in the week/weeks following, I got some of my exam grades returned and was delighted to know that I did quite well on all my exams, only dropping the ball on maths. To be honest I have no idea how I somehow was recommended for higher level maths, it just sort of happened, and the teacher had this whole speech about how she was disappointed in us and how nobody got a good grade.

This is a little depressing to me, because the only thing worse than school is caring about school and I care about school a lot. I dislike maths very much and am hoping to do a job which has little to do with math and more with the right side of my brain. Nevertheless, this speech had me pretty beaten up and worried and then my dad only reinforced the fact when I got home.

The Art in My Life

Anyway, school has been dominating my time. All fifteen of us in our year got a patio all to ourselves since we're the second oldest group in the school. It's great, they set us up with picnic tables and now we can spend break and lunchtime out there and use it whenever we want. As soon as we got it, I proposed the idea to our principle that we paint a mural on the floor, since it's really ugly cement and he wouldn't let us paint the walls. He said that we could and I'm going to start making plans for it soon. I'm really excited!

We're also doing a graffiti unit in art class where we get to make skateboards. It's literally everyone's dream project and the younger levels are soothed by the art teacher's never-ending chants of 'You'll get to do it when you're older.'. Well you know how people tell you that, and then it never happens when you're older and they just forget what they told you, but you never do? Yeah, that's happened to me more times than I can count and I'm so happy it didn't happen with this project.

I have been wanting to do it since I was 12 or something and it's really fun! We got to make designs with inspiration from street art and skateboard design and then pick the one you wanted to do most and put it on a skateboard. A real one! The art teacher ships them in from away and if you want you can get wheels and trucks and it can be a quality board. You paint the board with graffiti techniques, stenciling, concealing and spray paint.

It takes a long time and a lot of the period is spent waiting for paint to dry, so in my spare time I've done some stencils which you can see here: http://dirntbag.tumblr.com/post/41553501865/guys-yknow-how-ive-been-wanting-to-do-graffiti

The Writing in My Life

In other news, I think I may start to write a novel. When my stepmother was out somewhere, my dad got out some photo albums and I was looking through all of these old photographs and there was one of his first girlfriend. I remember talking about it with my mom and she said that she had known the girl, she died in a car crash and my mom reckoned my dad had never been the same afterwards.

I look at his photo albums now and he's taken all of these amazing photos. I swear he could have been a photographer. He was really well traveled and he took photo's for his friends band. You know Judy Tzuke? She used to be huge in the UK and my dad's first girlfriend was Judy's sister. He was taking photos for someone who's whole family eventually became famous.

I dunno, it's like the past.....fantasizing about what could have been. it really intrigues me because my dad is usually very much an introvert... I think I can make a novel of it.


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