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A Walk in the Park?



​So here it is, folks, the third volume in the Rezzy Leon series! I wrote this story in about 15 minutes. The Valentine's Day story was originally supposed to be the third one, but this story just so happened to be written on a random term. Not only that, it's a single chapter story, (or, SCS, for short). I don't write SCS's often, so enjoy this one in the meantime, while we wait for the February 14th story.

“A Walk in the Park?”

by Anthony Romero

The birds were singing, the clouds were dancing, and Rezzy was just… well, he was just sitting on a bench in the local city park, pondering the thought of what was to come next week. He had just recently applied to get a job down at The Q Store, as the manager was looking for someone to replace Ashley, who was just recently arrested last December for, well… You know. It was stressing Rezzy out just waiting to hear a phone call from the manager, waiting to be interviewed. The stress was starting to get the best of him, as he began to feel clumsy, trembling around every now and then when he lost balance whenever he walks. However, Rezzy was still sitting down on the bench, looking around as he sees couples walking together, hand in hand, children playing together, laughing while having their fun, and even some joggers getting their daily exercise. One jogger, however, fell onto the hard concrete as his shoelace became untied. Rezzy frantically ran over to see if the jogger

was okay. “Are you okay?” Rezzy asked him. See? I told you he ran over to see if he was okay. “Ouch…,” complained the jogger. “I’m obviously… in… in a lot of pain right now, dumbass.” “You shoe became untied.”

“Nah, you think?”

“I was just trying to inform you. Listen, dude, do you need help, or not?”

“I… I think I’ll be fine. Say, what’s your name?” “Rezzy. Rezzy Leon. Yours?”

“My name is Miles Thomas.”

“Hey, my dad’s name is Thomas!”

“No one asked, kid,” Miles snarled as he stood up, attempting to walk out the pain. He was trying to walk away from Rezzy, but Rezzy didn’t want to leave him limping. “Miles, are you sure you don’t need my help?” “Listen, kid,” Miles continued, “I don’t need some teenage queen babysitting me, alright?” “Fine,” Rezzy relented as the two parted ways.

Rezzy then sat back down on the bench, concerned on Miles’ health. About ten minutes later, Miles came back in Rezzy’s sight, finishing another lap of jogging. As he passed through, he gave a mean look at Rezzy, almost to the point of making it awkward between them. Rezzy then decided to head back home, out of fear of not only missing The Q Store manager’s phone call, but out of fear of being beat up by Miles. Rezzy began to walk. After five minutes of walking, Rezzy trembled, losing balance, and fell on the concrete side walk. Miles eventually saw him, only about after five minutes of Rezzy rolling around crying in pain. “Rezzy!” he exclaimed, running over to see if he was okay. “Are you okay?” “What does it look like?! I’M OBVIOUSLY IN A LOT OF PAIN RIGHT NOW, DUMBASS!”

“Do you need help?” “You can help by walking away from me!”

“I was only trying to help! I just saw you fell, I don’t know if you tripped or what.”

“Tripped?” Rezzy questioned, looking around on the ground, seeing if there was anything that caused him to fall. “Listen, dude,” Rezzy said, “I’ve just been in a lot of stress lately, that’s all. I guess I just lost balance and fell. Stress makes you lose balance, you know.”

“You sure?” Miles asked out of curiosity, helping Rezzy up. “Um…,” Rezzy hesitated. “I’m sure of it.”

Miles then looked down at Rezzy’s feet. “Then why is your right shoe untied?” he asked.“What are you talking about?” Rezzy asked. He then looked down.

Ten seconds later...


© Anthony Romero, 2013


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