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My Personal Setlist.... Dreaming..... i must be



if i were to have a mini 15 song concert/performance

here's my dream setlist covering songs

1. Animal Instinct- Cranberries

2. We Are The Normal- Goo Goo Dolls

3. Weight of The World- Evanescence

4. Taking Over Me-

(5 min break)

5. Surrender-

6. Before the Dawn- ' '

7. My Heart is Broken ' '

(5-10 min break)

8. Bleed - ' '

9. Breathe No More ' '

10. Lithium ' '

11. Good Enough

12. Like You


13.Field of Innocence

14. Solitude

15. Give Unto Me

one day i may achieve this :)

never say never


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That's a pretty good setlist you have there :) But I think you shouldn't really take a break before the encore, that's what it was invented for :P

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truth.... it was a draft. and that's what id like to do one day. if i had a band hahah :)

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