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Where's the PAIN?



Yeah, stupid question and the silliest thing to wish on myself really...

...but it is that time again. Winter break is finally in its de facto last hours. Yet, I'm not feeling as panicky as usual. Could it be because there's friendship afoot this semester? Or is it because I'm simply getting used to this routine? Who knows, but for you it means you don't have to read about me trying to not feel bad about myself by listing all of the things I did over break that weren't wanking and watching random shit on YouTube. That said, this break didn't end in the climax I had intended...but that's fine. It's an episode well on its way, and though that climactic moment may have been delayed for some time, eh...it's in development.

I mean, yeah, it's a bummer to have to actually do stuff again...I ain't smilin my ass off over here. In fact I'm having a bit of a conundrum that I wouldn't mind opinions on. See, I've got this evening class on Mondays and I don't know whether I should drop it or not. The main point FOR dropping it is that it's Social Psych, which, were I to get into research, would be the field I'd probably be most interested in...and the guy who does the research teaches a few sections of the class, none of which I was able to get. So do I take the class now and get the credits? Or do I wait to take it and have a professor I'd like to get to know? The main argument AGAINST dropping the class is that it completely eliminates Monday from my schedule, meaning I only go three days a week...and I dont particularly need the extra free time. Still, this is only the second semester in which I have 15 credits worth of classes planned (mind you, I need about 4 more classes to finish my requirements), so taking only four classes isn't something overly unusual for me. But eh, wouldn't mind hearing your opinion on it.

But yeah, that's where I'm at right now. In general, I do believe I kind of slacked off over break, and I really need to get back into making things. Even though I did pretty well with making LP videos, I had other video-based ambitions that did not come to fruition, and for a while there my posting schedule was really inconsistent. More importantly, I need to write more. Over break I kind of lamented not being into music anymore, even though I've accepted that it's not my place right now in favor of storytelling. Thing is, I sometimes feel like I'm letting that slip away from me too. So I really want to find a way to get myself back into writing MageBoy and the like...as far as MBIV goes, there's not all THAT much left...and I've been excited about some of the upcoming events for a while now.

Other than all of that I don't have much to say. I do, however, have another LP series to introduce....yeah ANOTHER one. This one's different though. See I had a friend over on Thursday and he was like "Hey let's do a Let's Play," so I said "Okay," and we did. Thus, this happened:



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