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GDC [Writers] I Challenge Thee!



Yknow, I've had a lot of weird ideas in my head tonight for what ever reason...well I know the reason because I had a pretty shitty day. But instead of writing all of that out for you, I'd rather have you think...and then tell me a story.

I tried this sort of thing once before back when blogging wasn't popular, but in my current mood, I'm willing to try it again. So then, come forth writers and bloggers of GDC, for I have for you something I've intended for a while. A prompt, much like I always suggested The Writing Club should have. So here we go.

I want you to write and/or outline a story, set in a medieval, fantasy, sci-fi or otherwise fantastical world, about yourself. The main character must be like you, slightly altered to fit the world they're in, but generally with your traits and looks. In this story, they must confront something that challenges their deepest flaws. Is it a villain that knows how to push their buttons? Is it a relationship in which someone challenges what they want versus what they actually believe? Is it some sort of natural disaster or political change? Personally I'm partial to villains, but hey, that's why all my stories are the same. Still, find something that challenges you and personify it, that's the goal. Go at any scale you want...overcoming flaws can be a big deal in the scope of your world. But tell the story of your character having to face and overcome this flaw, whatever it may be.

This doesn't have to be a well thought out story with quotes and actions and all that, it can just be a multi-paragraph synopsis, or even a short story if you're that ambitious. The idea behind the "fantasy only" restriction is putting this issue in a new light, making a metaphor out of it. It's also because I want to see people err...for lack of a better phrase "get their anime on." It's a pretty simple idea overall, and I think it could be fun...and rather useful if you decide to write about something that's been irking you. So consider doing it. I'm not setting a deadline or anything...just post your outline/story in a blog with like, I dunno (RDF Challenge) in the title.

Or, if you don't want to do that, you can enjoy this episode of Pokemon Colosseum, wherein I get my ass kicked, and then name a Pokemon after a GDCer! There's just one problem...


And here, we celebrate GREEG DAY! It's like Green Day except well...find the pot joke!


Finally, a freshly uploaded episode of Ocarina of Time. I voice Darunia as he 'gasms to the beat.



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Little Girl Little One


My story would be about medieval me trying to write a story but is unable to because of my perfectionism and the crippling fear of failure that accompanies it. Medievally.

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I like this idea too. I'm not sure that I'll have time (or the confidence to share it) though.

I actually wrote out a whole contest/prompt thing for the writing club the other day, based on like a trilogy theme. But I thought it'd probably just end up sitting there again. We need another GDC writing contest!

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Sleeper Agent.


I might post it, I just have to think of a character that is more me, all my protagonists are based on some aspects of me, like it would be their sense of honour, or something, and looks wise would be either an emphasis on some traits that I have e.g. long hair, or something I would like. I'll consider it, still need word on my computer =/

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Yeah, the idea isn't to write a whole novel, just a synopsis really. Yeah, that still takes some work since you have to build the whole plot or whatever, but to be clear, it's not a formal story. It's more like a novel condensed into a summary or outline. I do this sort of thing all the time in a more disorganized way because I'm too lazy to actually write the whole things...

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Ooh sounds interesting... might give it a shot.

We need another GDC writing

I second this!

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