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This poem is an old one that I wrote a while ago.

But I think its decent enough to chuck up, Cheers.


I spend so much time standing still within the beacon of light

yet my mind seems to always race by

I always think about the times where I used to try

yet failed everything causing me an abyss and a sense of alone

thus I can only run away from these emotions for so long

before they finally catch up and break me

I can only be in denial for so long

before the world finally inherits me and changes me forever

because when I finally met you my life changed forever

the melancholy became happiness

the frown was changed into a beautiful smile

and the sparkle within my eye returned

because when I met you my life became a blur

the wall between me and the world was tore down

I allowed myself to feel and trust again

because you ended up proving me wrong.


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