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Torn and Frayed



So this is basically how I feel about the latest Supernatural episode. I might be a tad over dramatic. Bear with me. Also don't read this if you haven't seen the episode.

I can't even begin to express how I feel about Torn and Frayed. All I can say is that the episode has really, true to it's name, left me torn and frayed. I practically cried throughout the ending. Ya know, it's just a tv show, I'm not supposed to be dedicating half my time in thinking about the characters but I just can't help it.

Cas killing Samandriel, the bleeding from his eyes was so sad. I chose to interpret it as tears. Tears for killing a brother, tears for killing a good angel and not knowing why. Tears for being manipulated without even knowing that he was. That sceen can be interpreted in many ways, but this is how I chose to interpret it. As Samandriel once said, Cas has too much of heart. He does and while I'm not sure what Naomi's agenda is, I really hope he doesn't die. I really hope that he doesn't change. That he remains the true, good angel that he is and always was.

Dean breaking ties with Benny. The only human like person who understood what he went through in Purgatory. The only person he would probably understand why he does certain things now that he didn't before., with Sam being mad at him and Cas not really being there. And he gave it all up for his brother. Adios. I liked Benny. I hope he doesn't get killed.

And finally, Sam. Leaving Amelia must have been so tough for him, but he did. All for Dean, knowing that Dean wouldn't stop him. That Dean would've happily accepted Sam leaving him to be with Amelia. Sam knew that this was his one chance with Amelia, one chance to be with the woman he loved and he left her, knowing thet he would never get her back, never get his 'normal' life back. Family comes first.

It's feels like they're back, no more fighting, no more blaming each other. Just plain ol' Sam and Dean. And of course, Cas.

We have an ex blood junkie, a high school dropout with 5 bucks to his name and Mr. Comatose. The only thing left is the presence of an old drynk. The old drunk we can never ever forget.


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