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Waiting for a concert that could never happen



So this is my first blog entry, and it's about waiting fo a Green Day concert here on Ecuador that may not happen.

So Green Day announced that the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! World Tour will betin on May, and it'll be in the USA then they will go to Europe, and they obviously will go to Japan, so they have 3 continents confirmed.

But Southamerica?

The band confirmed that they will come to this Continent on the first interview they did since the 3 albums were realesed for a Mexican music channel, they said that it could be in the middle of the tour, then again BJ said on Instagram that they will come to SouthAmerica, but Ecuador?

Ecuador is a small country, with 14 millions of populators, we have volcanos, beach, rain forest, islands, penguins, bears, and a lot of animals that are exclusively from this country, but the band or the ones who manage their tours don't matter about this, they matter about the money the show companies pay to them, and what show companies matter is about how many fans they have and if the fans could fill a whole stadium. Green Day's official Ecuador fans club has over 36.000 likes on Facebook, and is the second biggest fan club on facebook ( the first one is David Guetta one) and I thinknis the biggest fan club of all SouthAmerican Green Day fan clubs.

Ecuador's biggest stadium is on Guayaquil and it's called "Monumental" that place capacity is 65.000 people, but that place it's only for sports, 2nd one is here on Quito it's called "Atahualpa" and has capacity for over 35.000, this stadium recieved the Guns n' Roses, Aerosmith, Jonas Brothers and Demi Lvato, Miley Cyrus but Quito has also recived other artist (maybe more important) in other venues, like, Ozzy Ozbourne, Simple Plan, Marilyn Manson, Drangonforce, and I think the biggest concert that the Country received is Iron Maiden, fans slept outside of the stadium like 1 one week before the band played and all the TV channels covered that people.

So Quito, is a good place for concerts, but, whats the point of all this?

I want to know if you have similar experiences and that the Green Day Ecuador fans clubread this and talk to show companies about the good points to bring the band.

Green Day is a cheap band to pay and their stage is just a bassic design, so....


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