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Dirntbag's Landfill

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*Casually paints the Mark Tom and Travis show on wall*




No seriously, it's just Tom Delonge so far, but I'm planning to paint the whole Mark Tom and Travis show picture. I'm also going to paint a Green Day Uno! Dos! Tre! tribute next to my bed, and something for My Chemical Romance and All Time Low. It's actually my brother's room. I used to have to sleep in my mom's room with her but now since my brother's at university I can get his room temporarily. I've told him I was going to do this, I hope he's okay with it....

Ahha it's paint, you can always paint over it!

Anyway, it's exam week this week. I've already done the Humanities (history and geography and culture), French, English and Science exams which just leaves Math for tomorrow. A shame I was busy painting Tom..........

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Wow. That is ridiculously good. One of my favorite album covers.

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