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Candy Clouds of Lullabies

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Collection of untitled poems 2



I feel you all around me.

All the time.

You're a dream come true.

I feel that we could become


I cannot tell you this that I love you

I want to be with you forever.

I want to hold you close to me.

I think about you all the time, hoping one day we


Be together.

I am scared to tell you this

I am lonely, and I want you.

I have you in my heart



I know how to treat you with respect.

Because you are my woman, and I am yours.

We can be together forever.

I'll give you love if you give love.

See everything would work out, if you were

With me.

Your blond hair in my face.

My brown curly wavy hair in yours.

Our pale skin rubbing together


Loving each other.

I can see your pretty face.

I find you beautiful.

I hope you find me beautiful.


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