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GIF Art - Travis Barker

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Yeah I made this GIF from a photo of Travis Barker and I'm quite proud of it since it's the first time I've drawn something completely on photoshop. The tattoo was really hard! Anyway, it's Travis Barker's profile, but it's meant to be someone flashing between being 'common' and being a 'punk' if you will.

It's exam week after this weekend and I feel sorta prepared for the first time in my life which I also think is a bad sign... if I feel like right now I could ace all the tests then I'm probably going to fail them all on the day.................sigh.

Anyway, this person from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts came to speak to us about the university and summer programs. You have to be 16 for the program, but it sounds so amazing. It's like $5500, but that's a really good deal considering what it entails.

You get four weeks worth of

  • Accomodations
  • Food
  • A studio (omg)
  • Access at all times to the Boston Museum of Fine Art
  • Access to all classes and materials/equipment
  • Field trips on weekends
  • Etc.

They teach you how to make a portfolio and if you go to the school afterwards you never pick a major, you can explore all aspects of art at random. It seems like a phenomenal program and I would love to do it. Maybe next year. I'm so glad I have an early birthday!

Also we're doing 'the skateboard project' in art class at the moment. It's great, everyone looks forward to this one project in M4. You get to make your own legitimate skateboard, the art teacher gets real decks to paint on and you make some designs and then get to stencil/spray-paint your design on to the bottom of the deck. It's so awesome! I made an Uno! Dos! Tre! design, so I'll be posting that when I'm finished!

We learned about graffiti in general before starting the project proper and my art teacher is really chill and admitted that she has a tattoo and has done graffiti before. Now I really want to do graffiti...I've had a taste of stenciling.


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