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Waiting Out the Storm



This is a poem I've been slowly adding to for a while, just a musing about my perception of the rain depending on where I'm at.


More than enough rain

To drown out the rage

Too humid to want


But that electric scream

The scream that soothes the swell,

That embolic tidal wave

Threatening to become the tsunami

The only chaos that calms

Blood-blinded confusion

I am become your hurricane

Free my heart and make it sing

Drain my blood and make it dance

Grab hold of my soul

And take it down, down, down

When it rains,

I remember where I am

The heavy drizzle

Beats down the city

Rattles the glass panes

And brings the wind to shake

This concrete paradise

Your power is out

The gentle shower

Moves and flows through the dirt

Nurturing the life within

Only on the reservation

Have you experienced

Rain like this

We are born from water

We know it well

And so,

Through thick and thunder

We wait

Our hands are still

Our souls are calm

And our eyes glistening

Our minds listening

We wait for the flash

The signal

The earth is alive once more

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Well written :)

I really liked the last stanza

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