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Originally I was going to write something thoughtful, analytical and profound like I did last night, but fuck that, my Youtube Channel now has 200 videos!

See, sometimes I don't think my YouTube gets enough cred here on my blog. I give you a little blurb about my latest video and then we're on our way. So rather than an addendum, today, my channel's taking center stage.

My channel is dedicated to Let's Plays, AKA video games with commentary from your average joe player. This is a pretty big thing on Youtube, and it's safe to say there are several hundred channels devoted to it. As a medium, it's got it's pros and cons, sure, but one adage that I noticed early on still rings true today: "Come for the game or the joke, stay for the player." It's basically this idea that while watching something because you were brought there by a one-off video of that person screaming their head off over a shiny Koffing is nice, it's easy to get attached to the person behind it. This is especially true for NintendoCapriSun. You see he's a 37 year old man playing video games on Youtube and you think "eck." Yet, underneath that, you quickly find out that he's just a shy guy who happens to enjoy the same things us younger kids do. I do Let's Plays because I like video games, I like talking, and I like being a little wacky...and now my channel is full of these videos.

But did you know it wasn't always that way? In fact, my first video was an advertisement for a show my band played in the summer of 08. That's pretty much what my channel was about back then. Well that and school videos, since I used to be in video classes in high school. While that's a different story for a different day, it did bring us THIS gem:


Though now buried under 197 or so videos, I still consider this easily one of my most entertaining. Maybe it's because it holds a lot of memories for me, or because I spent more class time on this than I did on the actual video. In fact, I still haven't put the actual, complete version of the scene on YouTube...and honestly, while it was also meant to be funny, it comes nowhere close to this outtakes video. I wanted to do more with this guys...but alas, I never got the chance.

So for a while I intermittently posted a few Ask Me Next Week videos and then BAM, GDC time. The Video Killed the Voiceclip Star thread got me uploading intermittent vlogs and thus the online persona that I'd later use for Lets Playing was born. What I liked about my vlogs is that they usually got wackier and wackier as they went on, going from a three minute video of me awkardly talking about...whatever...to...well, this:


Oh yes, that was fun. I'd show you all of them, but then, this one sums them all quite nicely. While you may think that vlogs are easy and simple to make, that's not always the case. Sometimes, stuff is too weird or too pointless to make a video...and that's when you make a blooper video.


And it wasn't long after that, on September 30, 2011, I started doing Lets Plays, Super Mario World being the first...done classically in offscreen format. Meaning I pointed a camera ay my television (then a 42in plasma that later broke down) and went at it. Here's my favorite episode from that series:


I got rather ambitious after that though. I decided to tackle on of my favorite games of all time: Fire Emblem. It was a hell of a thing, really. The style of gameplay meant that I was going to be in for a long series, and indeed, it took me well over six months and 94 episodes complete. I'm still proud of myself for seeing it all the way through, and though I often forget a lot about it, it makes for an enjoyable rewatch. Fire Emblem is a criminally underplayed game, so I highly recommend you check out my LP of it. I'm pretty sure Episode 28 still holds the record for my best scream (6:39):


Afterward, I went on to do something more quick and dirty. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was the first LP I did using a capture card, so the quality went up quite a bit. Oddly enough, this little game is my most popular Lets Play, and the first episode seems on track to become my highest viewed video. Jungle Beat is definitely a unique game, so I don't mind. This one's short and accessible, so I recommend it if you want to see me finish something in short order.


Then came No More Heroes, the Tarantino-esque game with a cult following. You can find it via hyperlink since I won't be showing a video here. I liked the idea of LPing this game because when all else failed, the game was funny enough on its own. That's why the cutscenes were left largely intact.

That actually brings us to today, with Lets Play #5: Pokemon Colosseum still in progress. It should be updated very soon, since I've already recorded the next episode. But 200 videos puts us in the fray of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.


It's started off pretty well, actually, and I look forward to going through this classic. It's the first widely known game that I've done, so it should be interesting. Now, without further ado, here is my 200th video posted to YouTube: Lets Play Ocarina of Time Pt2- Skulltula Oblongata. Please enjoy it.


did you check out all the hyperlinks? One series of words in particular has a treasure trove of decent music and me in a different light


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Hey Congratulations Eric on the 200 videos! I am glad to see you found your passion there and that you still have fun with doing this after such an amount of time!

Even though I have to say that I don't regularly follow your LPs, it still made me smile to look back to the old GDC videos from the VKTVS thread. Those were some good old times, though in the end it was only me doing live comments on your videos, oh well. The Pirates and the Scott Pilgrim one shall forever be remembered in me heart. (On that note do you remember how in the German mermaid song from Pirates 4 the sing about a "Seemann" aka "Lakeman"? ;) )

I also laughed so hard again on the one with you trying to pronounce my name, haven't seen that in so long! :lol:

I do watch your LPs though every now and then and I say: Keep it up, it's great! :thumbsup:

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Thanks Hannah. I know I say this every time you comment, but this might just be the reminder I need to make something new for the VKTVS thread. Also remember that there are a few episodes that I have unlisted on my channel, so yeah, I'd have to link those. The bloopery one is one of them, just because to some extent I don't like those really goofy ones getting judged with my other stuff. But it's cool you check in on my LPs now and then...they're getting more entertaining, and I always try to do games that will help people understand me a little better, if they're somewhat uninitiated haha.

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