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GIF Art and 4/11/12!



So as many of you know, I got photoshop elements for Christmas! It's a little more basic than CS6, but it's so great! I'm addicted to it. I've made a few GIFs with it and I also do a fair bit of art. I noticed on the art tag on tumblr that a lot of digital artists make GIFs of their work. I attempted to do this, however I don't have a drawing tablet.

I drew the outline and the words a few days ago; scanned them in and added the shoes, thumb, shadows and colour in photoshop. I was aiming to make it doodly, warm and vague. Stephen is someone I made up in my mind, but he enjoys reading under sheets.


Also, I can barely contain myself because yesterday I bought a few seats to GREEN DAY PLAYS THE AIR CANADA CENTER ON APRIL 11TH! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED AND NOBODY IN MY FAMILY UNDERSTANDS OH MY GOD! I have never been to a concert before, this will be my absolute first time and the Air Canada Center where they're playing can hold about a third of my entire island's population.

I've been wanting to go to a concert for about two years and my parents finally agreed to make it happen. It wasn't easy though! My brother is in Canada at university so he's the only reason I'm going, they would never let me go without a chaperone and they'll never go with me. At first we thought that this was during his exam week, but it turns out it's a week before so he's free! I was also so amazed that the dates lined up so well, I'll be on Spring Break for the concert which is on a Thursday.

I bought pretty much the last two tickets together in the entire stadium, I feel so lucky, they were a great price too! Only $71!

The agreement is that I pay for 50% and my parents (who are divorced) will split the other half, paying 25% each. I am so happy, I just spent the last few days randomly smiling because I'm daydreaming about every little detail of the concert. It's like I have been waiting my entire life for this. I mean my brother always did everything before me and I always hear he's gone to another concert or festival and now I'm finally going!

I'm finally getting off this island and to a place I know I'll love! I just really want to experience a mosh pit....maybe later when I'm mature enough. I don't think anyone in my family would fancy going into the mosh pit............

I want to go to concerts for the rest of my life, I want to be fully immersed in fans and sweat and music and meet the bands; my idols through everything. And I haven't even been to a concert yet. The truth is that I want to do everything before I'm too old. I worry constantly about everything, and I mean everything, even irrational stuff. I worry that my parents are the oldest out of me and my friends and they'll die before I'm done with them, I worry that someone close to me will pass away, I worry that I'm fat, I worry my eyes will go downhill, I worry I have back problems, the list goes on and on. All of this constant worry causes me to compare myself with others relentlessly, and I've been comparing myself with everyone on this site and in my life about concerts and most people go at 14. I'll be 15 by the time I'm there. I'm afraid I'm missing out just because of the place I grew up in and I don't want to let that happen.

Oh my god, I am so happy.

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GIF ART! :woot: the title caught my attention xD

The gif you made is so cute! Well done :thumbsup: Can't wait to see more!

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