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#32 The Blog Inwhich I Finally Conclude 2012 Was A Year.

It's Splash Time


Hey, remember that year...? Oh shit, maybe I should have gotten around to writing this earlier. To make the jokes about not washing all year. :rolleyes: Nope, this is the day I eventually get around to doing all those things I should have done days, if not weeks, ago. Months ago in some cases.

So let's start at the beginning. Always a good place to start. That moment when 2012 started, when I was standing outside watching the fireworks go off and thinking about the year that was just starting. 2012. It was going to be the firsts and lasts of so many things. There was that nagging possibility of a new Green Day album, even at this point I guessed September. My time at high school was ending, there was prom and my 18th birthday and university. Nervous excitement; the knowledge that this would be a year that would change my life.

It had been a long time since I'd had to make friends myself (or at least outside of the internet), I was worried I wouldn't be able to. Yet still I wanted away from the friends I'd had for the whole of high school, even through primary school... To stick with people I already knew for Fresher's Week was hardly how I wanted it to be. But through this perhaps, perhaps it would have been similar by myself, I met someone in my degree. By the time my birthday came around two weeks later, there was a small crew of us, people doing the same degree, a surprising percentage of home students. One I had met at a quiz, recognizing her and bonding over having learnt to read from the same series. That night I dragged an old friend to the SciFi and Fantasy society series night, swigging vodka and Irn Bru and munching on cake. The pub afterwards, always the pub. Here I met many new faces, people I know now. My friend left (she still hasn't turned 18 and is hardly one to stay out late and party) and I spent the night drinking with people I had just met, staying over at someone's flat even. The flat parties and nights out since, all things I never thought I would be part of. To finish the year playing ring of fire in a flat, with a tequila shot at midnight...

2012 had some great moments; making a million on Neopets, almost being killed from Nazi gas, meeting and hugging Alex Day, prom, the Green Day trilogy, skype chats, convincing a drunk friend to try the cinnamon challenge, receiving a letter from Maria Gloria, getting a job, buying various geek t-shirts using student loan money, societies at uni, spam threads, watching american idiot the musical, getting back at 7am, drunk in the playground... I feel like people who thought they knew me in high school would think I've changed now, but I'm just being myself, something I never thought I could be before. Finally there are people who will accept me, not care what obsessions I have.

It was a good year, I can see that now and I saw that to start off with. There were low times, there always are, but that's the way the story goes. What about this year? What will it bring? Who knows. Let me wait and see as this unicorn rides away.

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