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The J.A.R. 2012



First of all, Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had an amazing 2012, and now I hope you're prepared for what's going to be a very expensive year for us on this forum if you have an inclination whatsoever to attending a Green Day concert. I am relieved that Billie is better, and I find myself on the first of January re-evaluating my year.

I love tumblr, and probably spent most of my time on it this year, but tumblr is what got me into the idea of a Year Jar. The idea is that you get a jar, clean it out and whenever something amazing and important is achieved by you, you write it down on piece of paper, date it, and then the next year you open it up and look back on everything you've achieved. It's really great and this year is the first time I've done a Year Jar, I started like halfway through the year though...I looked back and remembered some important events.


So, without further ado, here is the content of my Year Jar 2012 in no particular order. You're supposed to date these pieces of paper, I failed. (p.s. I'm reading them as I'm writing this :))

1. Got accepted into advanced English class

There is a whole circus of shit that commenced throughout the year and I was happy when I got my wishes and was no longer in normal English class with a bad teacher. I am now in an English class of one and learning much more than ever before, you can read all about it here.

2. Ceara came back to Bermuda

My friend Ceara left last year to go to boarding school in England and I missed her so much and she hated it, but she's been back on island for schooling officially for a few months now and I'm really happy about it :)

3. Got accepted to go on SDLC

At school you had to go through this huge interview process and write and essay to see if you'd be accepted to go to Houston for a Student Diversity Leadership Conference. I was the youngest from my school to go, one of seven from Bermuda. You can read about this life changing experience I hope everyone gets a chance to go on here and here.

4. First hookup

Yep. I regret it now, but nonetheless it's an achievement. :thumbsup:

5. Going to Canada

For October break me and my family went up to Canada to see my dad's partner's family and (more importantly) to visit my brother at university. I was feeling something close to clinical depression before the trip, without it I'm not really sure where I'd be. You can read about it here.

6. I got and learned how to use photshop for Christmas

I think photoshop is the best thing that's happened to me since Canada. (Does wonders for your follower count on tumblr ;))

7. 400 followers on tumblr is achieved!


8. Wrote first proper short story

This pretty much sparked my love for English, something I'm now considering studying later. You can read it here.

9. Got my Jr.Open Water Diver qualification.

I'm really excited that I can dive! If I wasn't a jr, this license would enable me to dive without an instructor. I got an underwater camera fro Christmas and I dive as well as snorkel, so look forward to some awesome underwater action in the summer to come!

Wow I really didn't do much this year...

I don't have any new years resolutions, but I do really want to start being a better person. I want to exercise regularly and get off the computer more, I want to excel in school, but what I really want to do is go to my first concert. Whether it be Green Day, another band, Reading Festival or Warped Tour...2013 looks like the perfect year to lose my concert virginity.


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