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1/1/13. The Beginning of A New Era



Hello. It's 2013 already. I cannot believe it. So much time has passed since I was a little child. I will be entering my 20s in June. Which is a shock to me for some odd reason. A new Chapter of my life. Possibly starting school.... well rebooting it, since i have been trying but the school i applied for has been giving my trouble with financial aid, so, when i move in the summer possibly, i'm just gonna say fuck it, and find another school . Maybe that school was not meant for me. So i will find another when i move.

When I Move, it'll be another part of the 2013 chapter of my life that i'd be entering, so i feel a bit nervous, but that's to be expected. We plan to move to the country or suburban areas, since we don't want big major cities, because of more crime and such. Because i have 13 year old cousin, so we need to keep her safe and protected. Even though she can be a jerk sometimes. Me and my family hope to be out of Allentown by end of June/beginning of July at the latest. If it all goes well financially and hopefully no more issues with the two cars we own. I wanna have a summer party for my immediate family if we move in ASAP. So the move will be a big deal for me.. New house= NEW ROOM which means when we move in, i'm planning where each poster is going, depending on the size of the room. Hopefully i will have a room the size of my room now.... Praying for that to happen, since i have a flat screen tv and a bunch of furniture.

2013 marks the two year anniversary of my grandparents passing... June and August :(

Green Day wise. My sister won't be able to go to her concert as planned since they flat out cancelled the Wilkes Barre venue. I told her before Billie going to rehab, to buy for the Philly concert since that'll be rescheduled, unlike Wilkes Barre, which would of been flat out cancelled. or go next time they offer that venue. That time around, hopefully school doesn't interfere, i'd be able to go with her.



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