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Favorite GDC quotes 2012 Pt. 2

Entry posted



Why is Billie holding a dildo that looks like a cactus?
I only like florence's ass crack. And Billie's.
hmmm... do we celebrate when Billie Joe lost his virginity or something
The only reason Florence wants to have sex with me is because I've touched Billie before and she's hoping some of his DNA will rub off on her.
okay i think i fell in love with florence even though she's creepy and a stalker
We were having a conversation in chat last night about what would happen if Bobo were ever made a mod. We decided that GD Chat would almost certainly be merged into a server-killing black hole of a megathread.
1. Get rid of Billie.

2. Be Florence's shoulder to cry on.

3. Get the girl.

4. ???

5. Profit.

Oh, so giving a website a baby involves cybersex? Sense.

Magi & Karp:

I'd actually be tempted to name twins that. I have problems.
Also, I am a champion farter. Seriously. You guys should smell my farts sometime. They're like a weapon of mass destruction.
Are you secretly Billie Joe? Because all of yours are really good. :ninja:

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