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Favorite GDC quotes 2012 Pt. 1



I collect (funny) GDC quotes :P

I took some of the best to reminisce 2012:

Facebook? Twitter? These things sound like inventions of the devil.
"UNO! to have a clean version":
This is great news! Now I don't have to cover my ears every time they say naughty words!
Y'know I've never understood why everytime I reply to your posts I feel the need to always say "Florence" first.

Eh to make it much less annoying imagine me saying it like an orgasm. "OH FLORENCE"

Great orgasmers think alike. :wub:
Stop hogging all the dick salsa Florence.
Nigguhs, please. I'm having his octuplets. Billieoctobabies.
This argument is balls.
Now please excuse me while I open a bottle of wine to try and erase the image of Alice Cooper's baggy balls from my mind.
I'm an expert in Billie's ass pictures.

It's Bumageddon!

Or the day my Bum went psycho!

I like you dirty. *inserts banana into mouth and pretends it's you*
That's the scariest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life.
Spam is nothing without our beloved Flo. :wub:
Andres is too slutty to get married.

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