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The Logistics of Swearwords - 30/12/12



Wrap your head around this one: if you call someone a tit, it's the same as calling them a dickhead, or an idiot in other terms. But you only call someone a pussy if they're being a wimp, and you call them a cunt if they're being a prick, that is to say they're being an asshole.

Why is that?


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Fun as it is, trying to apply logic to the entire concept of swearwords is futile. They're all just letters, arranged in an order society has arbitrarily declared offensive. So now we say "The F word", like that's entirely different to saying fuck. Or, even worse, spell them out around children. JUST FUCKING SAY IT, CUNT.

Not you. You're lovely.

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Swears are very complex my friend. Only the ones with the most wisdom would be able to differentiate between the meanings of such extraordinary vocabulary.

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