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2012 Personal Year-In Retrospective



Hello guys! 2012, compared to 2011, has been one of the best years for me yet. Despite starting off on a bit of the wrong foot, I ended this year on a high note. Here's some key points for me:


  • The last two episodes to my Mario Kart Wii: Online series is recorded.

    • The new Twisted Metal game was released, and it's AWESOME!
    • I turned 17.

      • During my spring break, I win an autographed Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth action figure from the developers at Eat Sleep Play, the crew that developed the game.

        • I announced that I have retired from playing the game Mario Kart Wii.

          • Digital Rez Productions and Digital Rez Recordings have been founded by me.

            • My then-senior friends have graduated.
            • My summer break starts.
            • I see Coldplay for my first time! dance.gif

              • My short-lived Gettin' Real with Rez series has begun.


              [*]My senior year has begun!


              [*]I FINALLY managed to tell a girl that I truly had feelings for her.

              [*]Gettin' Real with Rez has been cancelled.

              [*]After four years of being active, I have finally closed my first YouTube channel.


              [*]The character, Rezzy Leon has been created, along with his debut in the story, The Halloween Tale of Rezzy Leon.


              [*]A Very Rezzy Thanksgiving was planned to be the full second story in the Rezzy Leon series, but wasn't completed and wasn't counted to be a story.


              [*]I see Rush for my third time! dance.gif

              [*]I have started up a second YouTube channel (TexasRezzy).

              [*]By the time the TRUE second story, Christmas Time with Rezzy, had been published, the stories of Rezzy Leon has already been heard of within my mobile home community, friends at school, and even my mom...blank.gif

              As you can see, there were more high points than low points for me. I hope it stays that way for 2013! Speaking of the new year, here are my New Year's resolutions:

              [*]Finish at least five more Rezzy Leon stories before I graduate

              [*]Get an acoustic guitar

              [*]Write my first song, and record a demo of it

              [*]If successful with my previous goal, then I will share the demo with my friend, who wants to start a band with me

              [*]After I graduate, I hope my band will be able to practice and to hopefully get into my dad's friend's studio to record a 4-track EP

              [*]If previous two goals aren't possible, then I'll go to college

              [*]Even if I'm in college or not, I still attempt to publish a Rezzy Leon book that features a compilation of stories

              Hopefully I'll accomplish some other things unexpectedly also! I look forward to starting off the New Year on a high note, and hope for the best for everyone in 2013. Stay safe, and enjoy yourselves in the meantime.


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