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Turn Back The Time (new lyrics)

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I want back to a time

where it's all been great and fine

a time in that we laughed

and had fun

and everything seemed perfect


Oh I wish I'd have known about it

I wish I could have seen what's inside of you

and what's really in my heart

and what's floating around in our heads

already back then

Oh I wish I would have known

what it becomes a few years later

I wish I would have seen it coming

and be prepaired

I wish I could turn back the time

so we could talk about it all

and it would never come as it did

Oh how I wish I could turn back the time

to when we were all fine and everything was alright

Now this time seems so long ago

but I remember it as if it was yesterday

I wonder...

was there really such a perfect time?

was the world really that good somewhen?

or were we all just too young to care?

Maybe we just were such optimistic kids

not knowing what was all wrong with this world

and of what we knew...

we thought it would get better somewhen

but now we're still waiting...

This song is about the good ol' times in general and everyone can interprete it as they want, but at some places this song may sound weird if you don't know the full story behind it, so I might just add the story...

I don't know how to start, well...about 3-4 years ago everything seemed fine in my little world. There were negative things, but I usually ignored them, cos there was no need to care about them..I loved my life, I had awesome friends and we were all happy. (that's the first part until "seemed...")

Well, my friend was a very happy girl, I thought...until my best friend and me found her diary and yeah I know we shouldn't have read her diary, cos that's private but we did it anyway...so we found out that she actually hated her life. We talked to her but she always said everything is fine. She's not the person who likes to talk about problems anyways...At the time that we found that diary we already felt something was wrong as she seemed kinda annoyed all the time, but whenever we asked, she just said she isn't. Well, some time later we lost contact (for another reason though) and when my best friend and me visited her a few months ago after we reconciled with her, our friend was drunk and told us the most shocking thing in just a few sentences in a way as if it was the most normal thing ever: She told us the reason why she was always so happy back then was cos she was on Crystal Speed (I never knew she ever took drugs, she just once said she's tried Cocain, but didn't like it and sometimes did Weed) and after she was clean she started with alcohol and got addicted to that. A day later my best friend wanted to draw something on her arm when she saw some scars. When she asked whether she cuts, my friend just answered with: "These scars there are my girlfriend's name and that scar here on my wrist is when I wanted to kill myself." She really said it as if it was nothing special...though to me the saddest part was when she told us she wanted to go back to Brazil (half of her family lives there) and start a new life there. I could understand that decision but it was very hard for me. That's what the part after that "seemed..." is about. I just wish i could turn back the time so we could talk about it and it would never become as bad as it did or that I could even go back to a time where everything's really been alright and it would never get bad...

The "so that we can talk about it all" and the part where I wrote "what's in my heart" or "what's floating around in our heads already back then" is also a reference to my own problems that started about in this time and in some parts I also mean my other friends, cos I know they also have problems - we all have, I guess.

I think the rest is pretty obvious...

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