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You ever have one of those moments where you need to be really lucky so you cross your fingers and toes and hold your breath and look upwards and keep doing it until you almost run out of air and go PFFFFFFFFT?

Well, that's kinda me for the next few days. See, the person I was really planning on going to MagFest with might not be able to get permission to go. That'd suck...really...really...really...really...really hard. So that's what I'm doing right now in the hopes that that will not be the case because god dammit I am co-oping this shit and that's the end of it! But seriously, nervous as fuck. Christmas? Yeah it was good, i got a TV, nothing to play with, yeh no, MAGFEST, is the event here. I mean, my dream of going down with this person and staying at the hotel for 3 days of it have been compromised quite a bit now.

Alright dude, shut up. Quit bitching.

Okay. Actually that's all I really had to say for now. I really had to get that off of my chest because it's kind of changed my whole outlook on life in the next few days/weeks. It's kind of where I'm focused. I think it largely has to do with how Christmas went. Normally Christmas changes my interests at the time by default, due to me obtaining some new game or movie or CD or whatever...but this time I didn't really get anything to direct my interests like that...so as of right now I'm kind of creatively stunted. It's a really weird feeling just not having anything to get into. Being bored on December 26th is something very new to me. Funny how sometimes the little, stupid things are the ones that make you happy, eh? No surprise, but funny.

Anyway, i reckon it'll be a few days before I even write something worth posting, until my brain gets back into analytical order...though I'll probably...

Scratch that, I could probably drum up a few ideas. The year is ending soon after all. Damn, my Dad's right...Christmas and New Years really ARE too close together.

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Hey Eric, sorry to hear things are not going accorded to plans..You obviously really looked forward to going with that girl right? But hey there's still a chance left, that it will work so I hope the best for you!

Also, it's too bad you didn't find anything new this year. Maybe though, you'll find something new soon enough, since your birthday is also coming up right? :)

And your dad is a wise, wise man!

Christmas and New year's even are way too close together and they always have been! :o

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