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RevDrFunk's Either Way East

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The RevDrFunk Christmas Special!



That's right folks, it's back, the long awaited sequel to last year's Christmas Special...only I think no one was actually waiting for it. If you wanna catch up and the 2011 special, well, follow this link right here.

But without further ado, here's this year's Christmas Special, graciously downgraded from 1080p HD to 360 by forces unknown!

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! Look for more Christmas entries coming up soon!


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Ohhh I remember that from last year Eric! Nice once again, plus your house is just the most wonderful winter-wonderland decoration-wise that I have ever seen! :D

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This was great. Are you drunk?

Nope. I don't drink. Everything I do is completely sober...which is potentially more frightening.

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