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Yesterday's Ending, Today's Beginnings



So there it is, another semester gone. When I got to the fifth and top floor of the parking garage after my Japanese final ended, I looked up at the sky, and this sweeping melody swept over me:


It’s perfect for an exciting end credits roll, the camera panning up to the sky in the first few seconds, letting us see our hero just at the bottom of the screen as they make their way into the distance. Yet, suitably, that grand melody is also a beginning…in quite a lot of ways really. This song was one of the ways that 2012 opened up for me, and though I’m sure I listened to it and enjoyed it many times throughout the first six days of the year, nothing could quite prepare me for the connection I’d develop with it on the seventh day.

See, on January 7th 2012, I left my house with not too much more than a CD and a piece of paper in hand. I sat in my car, and put that CD in, and then that melody started to play. I looked back at my house. I didn’t have to go. I didn’t have to turn this car on and press down the gas. But I looked down at the symbol drawn on my hands, paired with that song, and I recognized that little voice deep inside of me that told me that I was GOING, and that was final. And so, I became Link. For the first time, I was setting out, bound for place far from my home, farther than I’d ever dared to go on my own. It was an adventure. This wasn’t just the soundtrack to a Zelda game anymore. Those notes, the highs and lows, the trumpets and the galloping tambourines…to this day they tell the Legend of Eric.

This is one event in my life that I own each and every time. Yes, people drive an hour and some change away from their homes every day. It happens, yet I can’t describe my trip to MagFest on January 7th, 2012 as anything less than an epic adventure with an epic soundtrack. I can’t even overstate it. It’s a day that just barely makes sense in the grand scheme of my life…SOMETHING in me drove me to do what should not have been done. Something that day pushed me along, making me take destiny into my own hands and just act. I still can’t explain why I felt I HAD to go to some video game convention…but it was a powerful force indeed.

And now, at this ending, I can feel it getting closer. It’s another beginning. 2013 will open with the same event that 2012 did, and it might be just as epic. I’ve already got an excitement building in me, especially when I hear this music, and even moreso when I’m in my car. The opening of 2012 is now also reflecting in its closure, and I love it.

So, think for a second. What do sequels, especially in video games, do to set themselves apart from the originals? Add a two player mode.

This year, I’m quite certain that I will not be making my journey to MagFest alone. Honestly, I don’t want to say much more than that because I HATE jinxing or working myself up over potential romance. Did I say anything about that even? Yeah wow, jumping the gun a bit there, eh?

See the thing is I hung out with someone of the female variety today and I can’t help but get stuck on the thought that at some point in the future that situation is going to develop for better or worse. Apparently we can have silences without them being awkward. Once again though, I’m going to say that today was a good day with a friend and leave it largely at that. It was a nice way to kick off break, much better than me doing what I’ll probably end up doing for the majority of time that I’m on break.

So yeah, there’s two days in one fer ya. Thought this was still worth posting. Oh, and if you're wondering...which at this point you're probably not because I haven't mentioned it...but yeah, I still kicked ass this semester. Rollin out As like a freight train!

...Does that say something about our higher education system?

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Little Girl Little One


You seem to be so pumped for everything it's infectious and like



it's like being socked in the face by fists of PURE AWESOME. Glad to hear everything has been going your way lately. :D I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!

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