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Entry #2... My life (writing piece).



Random thought and Inspiration:

The inspiration behind this piece comes from the idea and knowledge that I may never be famous or inspirational to the world, but due to the field I will be entering I have the ability to inspire the lives of others. This piece is called My Life, hope you like it.

My Life.

The rain tousles from the grey skies,

As gently as the willow weeps over the loss of its leaves,

Life was supposedly never meant to be like this,

but I have come so far, yet so little has been achieved.

So as I lay awake and stare at the midnight moon,

And dream of the future I had planned for,

I settle back into the reality,

Which I apparently was born for.

I am here for neither heroic feats or greatness,

I am neither here to set the world on fire,

I am here to be the best person I can be,

And inspire the lives of those who I may teach.

So I follow the passions of my life,

And keep the desires of my heart within touch,

I share the warmth of my heart,

and the magnificence of my touch.

And with all this in mind and within heart,

I write the pages of my life within a cursive style,

Because I know that I am here to inspire those of the next generation,

to follow their heart.

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