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Candy Clouds of Lullabies

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Collection of untitled poems



rain, rain falling in the sky

i wonder why, oh tell my why

why does everything fall in the sky.

i also wonder why do i fall in love.

every passsing day i wonder.

rain sets my depressed mood

i wonder why


when i fall for you, i get weird.

i feel something special. something that

i havenever felt before. i guess it's a crush, but i

think differently. oh well, now i dont feel like myself

anymore. it's hard to find a good girl like you.

i think that i'm in love with you.

I'm not afraid.

You just hurt me in a way

That it sinks inside of me.

I was going to tell you

That I love you.

But now it doesn't matter

Cause, we are apart

Far away.

We cannot be together

I can't feel

The way I feel anymore

Because of you.

I have sleeples nights

And dark days. I

don't want to be with you

Or in this world.

I hope you understand

I hate you and myself

Please rip my heart out.

Cause I want to die,

because I am heartbroken

In my eyes, the way you look at me.

I can't really tell you the way you are breaking



I just wish that I could tell you,

How much I care for you.

I wish we could be something more

I like standing by you, trying to talk to you.

You know what?

I just like everything about you.

I just want to tell you this, but I am too shy.

That's why I get slightly weird.

You might think that I'm odd, but I am not.

I just can't tell you verbally

I just can do it in writing.



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