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Click on a topic type, like in "Community" click on a "sub-forum" - like "General Chat", and on the right is a "start new topic" button :D

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Click on the Green Day thing at the top left of *this* screen (up top here) and I edited my first reply to make it clearer :)

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Ok, See the top of this screen it says "Green Day Community" - put your mouse on it and click - that opens the forums page:)

Then go down to "Community" (its got a red bar that its written on) and below it are topics, click "General Chat" (that is called a sub-forum)

- when you get to the "General Chat" page you will see on the right (with a red box around it) "Start New Topic"

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ok got it lol sorry

Don't be sorry, "It's not your fault man, you're just a victim of circumstances" :D

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