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Two Days Remain



Ugh. This might be the most strung out I've been over finals.

Seriously, my brain functioning has dropped by some percentage higher than 15, I swear. Right now, it's largely because the first two haven't gone as well as I'd have liked, and I may have missed an A in Abnormal Psych by like three points...in which case I'll be pissed. "I should be studying right now" is kind of the recurring thought here, and I'd say it's pretty much true. I'm so ready for these things to be over...it's like that one week I had a bunch of tests in a row...only this time there's no "better luck next time" aspect to it. I got a reputation to keep.

As per usual, I'd say this school and stress normalcy is distracting me from the wonders of the holiday season. And boy do I still love the holiday season. This year I'm really coming to appreciate how freaking MAGIC the grand scheme of things is. You'll probably hear more about that in my Christmas Special, which will probably show up on Thursday or Friday. I'm super excited to do it. I loved last year's and this year I'm determined to go where I didn't last year. I was planning on doing some other things with it, but eh, I'll keep it simple and less likely to induce the wrath of the copyright gods.

Interestingly though, I'm excited about other things in the near future as well, which now includes MAGFEST. There are also other things, other plotlines that seem to be coming to some sort of stage where they're ready to change...and one in particular might yield the beginnings of what I REALLY want for Christmas. That'd be, as I mentioned before, pretty damn MAGICAL though. I hate talking about it though...more because I'd be horridly long winded and vague about it rather than that self-loathing thing I talked about a little while back. Still, also in the near future is the beginning of winter break, and thank God. I am very much looking forward to that. And if you like my blog entries, you might look forward to it also....because right now I should not be writing blog entries.

So yeah...here's to me plowing through these next two days. Tuesday's a bit daunting, since I've got two finals and a four hour wait between them, but eh, I'll find a friend.


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