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Makeout Party!



Congratulations to everyone because the Christmas Holiday has now officially begun!


I can also happily say that I began the holiday one day early. I didn't go to bed particularly late last night, but apparently my mom woke me up this morning like always. I don't remember that at all! The only thing I remember is her waking me up the second time according to her and saying that I had missed the bus. My mom is great though. We'd been talking all yesterday about how literally every other school on the island is off half day today and has a free dress day except for us.

It's true. We can't have a free dress day because according to the headmaster, we have to look smart for our assembly and we are more rowdy when out of school uniform. I don't know why he'd have an assembly on the last day of school, and the second reason is simply a blatant lie which has no fact to back it up.

Anyway, after missing the bus I had no way to get to school. My mom has to work from home in the morning; she's and entrepreneur and that's when people drop of their dogs for her to take care of. I've missed the bus before and usually she gets a client to take me in. Most people go past my school on their way to work or whatever, it's not a big hassle. Today, no clients were able to take me and nor could mom. If she put her mind to it, she probably could have, but she shared my opinion that the last day of school was pointless filler so I didn't have to go in at all!

I spent the whole day inside. How the time has flied! I just realized I barely have any spare time anymore, I'm never bored like in the past, I always have something to do and then I don't I feel like I should. Today was great because I just took the whole day to do nothing and didn't feel bad about it :D

I did, however, make a new lyric video on youtube. I had to delete the 'Let Yourself Go' one because of copyright infringement, and I couldn't access my account so I had to make a new one. Here's the lyric video I made for Makeout Party. I'm planning to make more lyric vids from the trilogy and I'd appreciate it if you watched and gave some feedback :)



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