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The Raven.... ( A beginning of a journey)




Well I have never been the one that has done well at public speaking.

But for me, this is a new beginning, a new journey and avenue for me to release my thoughts and ideas into the world.

I will start of with the newest piece I wrote, I hope you all like it.

The Raven.

The Raven flew through the swaying trees of the night,

with the autumn breeze fuelling the gusty winds,

Its flight wasn't horrendous,

neither was it condescending within reason.

So as it may perch upon the derelict rooftop,

of this decaying mansion that is devoured by rust,

with walls that are wrought with mould,

and carpet that's covered in mothballs.

And may this set the serene scene,

of a perfect romantic tragedy,

where both an aspiring Romeo and Juliet,

fall victims to the darkness of the an evil throne.

May they fall within the sight of the raven perched on the rooftop,

who may be able to signal the alarm,

but what happens when you give all you can give,

and you feel alone?

The raven may do nothing but convey the voice of the unknown,

it can only help those who are defeated, broken or alone,

who are willing to give into the need,

but there is nothing more it can do,

then fly through the autumn sky alone.

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