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Dirntbag's Landfill

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Bury your Memories (attempted poetry)



The soft whoosh

from the caress of a stricken sea

'gainst the shore.

They only touch for a second,

but always come back for more.

In epic reunion of sand grains

and waves

And in the sound,

the cry of 1,000 lonely souls saved.

It's a source of curiosity

for some,

a love so abrupt,

with one lover chasing ascent

and the other;


sloping up.

Never concrete,

ever changing,

eternally rearranging

I never want to

find the same beach


And I must say I never have,

and predict I never will.

That's why I bury my memories here,

sown with the salt and watered

with tears.

I've been doing it for fourteen odd years,

and not once have I left without a treasure.




Very interesting, I like it. You know you are good writer, you don't have to call your poetry an "attempt"

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Very interesting, I like it. You know you are good writer, you don't have to call your poetry an "attempt"

Thank you. I put 'attempted' since I've been taking more of an interesting English course lately and it's exposed me to more advanced poetic forms. I'm stronger at short stories, so I'm still learning a lot about poetry.

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