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The Trilogy Ends: Everyone Riots



Ahh...how to do this without launching into a huge rant about the Trilogy.

Well, let me run through my thought process. See, at some point, I'd like to do a really large, well-constructed editorial on the Trilogy as a whole and where it fits into the Green Day mythos. I wouldn't doing a podcast style thing with a few other GDCers either, if there's interest. But the thing is, not now.

Maybe I'm not the only one, but reading through the "Tre" thread just seems...wrong. Something about all these opinions just seems very very off, and I've noticed it with "Dos" too. I mean, views are all OVER the place, from rage to disgust to love and disbelief...it's just kinda weird. As far as Tre goes, I think it's kind of just "meh" myself, but I don't feel confident saying that for some reason. My theory is that I'm waiting to do things with Tre. I want to shuffle it around on my iPod with Dos and Uno, and listen to it in my car. I want to hear it on good speakers. I want things to sink in.

One thing that I think a lot of people are missing around here right now is that this trilogy of albums is a MASSIVE thing. It features much more than we can process at once, I think, especially when you start trying to decide what your ideal unified album would be. Part of the issue with Tre, I think, is that we may have just gotten done digesting Dos. Let's face it, most of us probably have not encountered a case where a band we like has released three albums in four months. It's just a weird experience, and I feel like that's affected our perception of the music. If there was something we didn't like on Uno, there was always Dos...and if there was something we didn't like on Dos, there was always Tre.

Yet, I think a lot of truth can be found in how the release of the Trilogy has been organized...and by that I mean it hasn't been very organized. Uno's release was confusing...there were singles and videos and videos that weren't for singles, and singles that didn't really have videos, and little shows hear and there and HLECK. It was WEIRD. And then Dos comes around and FFTTT, silence. There was one music video. That was all. One single. And nothing. And then a single from Tre. And now Tre's here.

The theme here is that the band doesn't get to bite back. All we have is ourselves and the albums. There aren't live shows to give us insight into the energy that goes into these songs. There aren't interviews all over the place that feature the band being asked about particular songs and why they thought they were so good. Due to Billie Joe's rehab, the band has been largely absent whatsoever during this crucial, confusing time. Normally the band's presence guides you through an album, telling you what the focal points are and why things were done as they were...and normally that's only for one album. I mean, yeah there's media out there about the trilogy, but now when we're actually hearing it for ourselves...it's a little different.

Thinking about it, I'm a little disappointed that Mike and Tre have both remained so quiet. Sure, they can't play shows, but you'd think they could talk about the albums a little bit. It's hard to retort with "but Billie Joe wrote the songs" when Mike and Tre's faces appear on the covers of the album. I think there's a lot to be said about how Billie Joe's songwriting duties affect the band, but that's a different story. I don't know what I'd expect Mike and Tre to do, but at a time like this, I feel like we're being left quite deeply in the dark. It's like after Billie went into rehab everyone kind of put their heads down, rolled the shades up and went home. Albums are often compared to children, and these newborn triplets seem to have been abandoned, and if the parents don't care, why should we? It's pretty undeniable that the absence of the band and Billie has had an impact on the perception of the Trilogy.

Aaaand there's me ranting on it when I said I wouldn't. This wasn't about the music though, it was about the context (context, which I ironically have to do a project on in cognitive psych...too bad I can't just get up there and perform this rant for it).

Point is...what I wanna ask is that we take a step back and just kind of wait a minute. Maybe kind of choose our words wisely a little more now. There's this HUGE cloud overhead that's making everyone hold their breath, and that cloud is when the band is actually around. THAT is the new Tre. THAT is the new thing we will now, perhaps subconciously, cling to to clear up this hugeass mess. Or...if someone would like to politely explain this to me beyond "people have different opinions, deal with it" that could be nice too.

The thing I keep asking myself is "What did you/I/they EXPECT from this trilogy?" and more importantly "why?" or maybe "what would actually be the formula for such a release?"

Okay. I need to study and schoolwork now. Big time.

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Little Girl Little One


You hit a lot of good points, especially concerning the promotion and all, I like that line about the triplets.

Me, I haven't even bought Dos or Tre yet, despite getting Uno on the first day. It's just like, I don't know, I feel the first one just came out and I haven't even had time to properly absorb it before having another two flung in my face.

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I agree with many of your points. Very well rounded opinion, it seems that not even the fans could bare all this music.

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I'm happy with all the new music. It's true that with all the hype from both the band and the fans that hear the albums before me I was expecting more. However, the songs are very catchy. I will take my time to arrange my thoughts and learn the lyrics when all three albums are in my hands. I don't have ¡Dos! yet but I've listened to it, because I had preordered it with t-shirt but something went wrong. I like having so much new music and I feel lucky I became an Idiot this year because I was lucky to get so much new music when I just 'took in the train'.

Nevertheless, I'm pissed (not with Billie but with the general circumstance) that the band can't play and promote the thing properly, and I've felt that in some way Tré and Mike were like using Billie's rehab as an excuse to have time off and go on little holidays. I do believe that, instead of going to the Grand Canyon on a late honeymoon or going to an island with the kid, they could have been doing some more interviews and things. And to that you can add up that they didn't even bother to release more than 1 single for each ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!, and the ¡Tré! one was a Twilight single and, if I'm not mistaken, is made of ¡Quatro! footage. So yeah, I agree they have kinda abandoned the trilogy at least for now. But they were alls o excited I think when they're back they'll try to recover the time they lost.

So keeping all these things in mind I'd say I am pretty satisfied by the music so far, more with ¡Dos! than with ¡Uno! and the previews for ¡Tré! sound amazing, but the promotion has left a lot to wish for and it's not all either Warner's or the circumstance's fault but also a Mike's and Tré's.

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Yeah, I mean I don't think that Tre and Mike are out having the time of their lives. I imagine this is a pretty rough, confusing time for them too, since Green Day is a huge part of their lives and here they're putting out these albums they've worked so hard on without really getting to have the full power of the full band behind them. Like, it'd make sense to me if they both WANTED to do something, but couldn't due to...whatever company politics are involved. I would just think maybe they'd learn how to use Twitter or something else to sort of get out what THEY say about it. Fact of the matter is, Billie has largely been the face of Green Day, which is why his face is on Uno, and without him, I could see where anything would be a hard sell. But it'd be nice to see the other guys take some ownership is all.

And with the trilogy as a whole, I'll go ahead and say I'm pretty satisfied with it myself...probably because, like I said in my Uno review, my relationship with music and Green Day has changed in the last three years. So a few songs are weaker than others, so what? In ten or so years, everyone will probably call Dos and Tre the "Lost Gems" kind of like we do with other Green Day albums. I dunno, once again, this is a whole new ball game. I'm not sure how to feel about it entirely.

Thanks for the replies.

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Harry Potter.


Hey, you made me think about this. Perhaps the fact that my hero is on rehab really IS guiding me through the trilogy, perhaps that really is what my reception of the trilogy depends on.

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I see the trilogy basically the same. Just without promotion. Billie Joe's rehab doesn't really come in my mind often, and that's good because when it does I get pretty worried. He's been on rehab for 3 months now.

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