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Student Diversity Leadership Conference



Hey guys!

So I signed up a few weeks ago for this great initiative at school called SDLC. It's a Student Diversity Leadership Conference held in Houston Texas. It took quite a bit of effort to get to go. I suppose this is because the entire trip is paid for by the school for the student they select. I had to write an essay and do an interview, but eventually I got to be the only on of my year accepted, making me the youngest on the trip.

I spent the entire day today traveling - from about 12 to 12. Wow, I've just realized how late it is...

Anyway, I've been trying to find wifi pretty much the whole time. In the first layover in an airport, me and my friend were trying to get wifi at our terminal, but you had to pay for it. Us, being the tumblr freaks that we are, had a full blown mental breakdown. We were literally storming all over the airport to try and find free wifi. We started to yell out 'do you know the internet password' to random people.

Eventually, we came back out to pretty much the place we started and found a food court coincidentally which had wifi. We were so happy and it gave me a chance to check tumblr finally! The first plane ride was nice, but it costs $25 for checking in a bag with delta which was sort of a drag. The connecting flight was horrible. We had no faith in the plane, it kept making these weird noises and screeching and bumping around. There also wasn't enough room for everyone's bags in the overhead lockers, so there was a huge pileup of people in the plane. I was sitting down and they were talking amongst themselves - another group of students and then we realized we were both from SDLC and it was so awesome :D

I'm talking gibberish. Anyway it's my first year on the conference (I got a purple slip saying first year and it feels like Hogwarts!) and I'll tell you more about it tomorrow :D



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