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Song writing while studying.



This is weird, but whenever I sit to study for my exams, I end up writing a song. This happened to me on Monday morning when I woke up a little early to study and I ended up playing with some lines in my head and when I penned them down on the paper, it turned out to be a full-fledged song. Well, whatever it is, its good :P

I haven't really decided on a title, but your suggestions are welcomed! Thanks.


I just wanna scream

Never wanna dream

Take the pain away

Before I decay

Cos its wearing out

Me inside out

I really don't know

What made you go away..


This life

Never gave me anything

This knife

Will cut through (oh) anything

This pain

Will never really fade away

This rain

Will never stop falling from my eyes


I just wanna cry

But my eyes are dry

I just wanna run

And never return

To the fucked up place

Where people judge by face

I am running out of time

And I wanna leave all of this behind me..

I have also figured out everything about this song, the melody and the tempo and stuff. Maybe me and my friend will record it after our exams. Thanks for reading and please make sure you give your precious feedback and comments on this.

Thanks! :)


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Ahh it's good :D Awesome and simple!

Please record it soon!

Thank you, I will make sure its recorded soon! :D

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