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#31 Bobcat likes Wizard Rock.

It's Splash Time


Saturday 1st December, 5.30pm

I met a couple of friends in KFC for some food before the Snow Ball. We'd planned this well in advance. Exchanging glances due to the family of chavs yelling across the room. Another friend arriving. Leaving, I swung my cloak on. Off to the student union, which yes looks a little like Hogwarts. In the entrance, our friend joined us. Our party complete, we made our way up the twisting stairs. On the top floor, to the left. Showing our tickets gained each of us a glow stick, a wristband and a candy cane. Inside the debating hall, with its high ceiling, was the Snow Ball. Along the edges were stalls for merch for various different people. The raffle, a huge Hogwarts cake and the Harry Potter society at the right; the bands and Cancer Research UK at the left. We dumped extra layers and desperately tried to convince ourselves not to buy everything.


I did, of course, give up and buy a Fred and George t-shirt, a strip of raffle tickets and a Harry and the Potters (Voldemort can't stop the rock) t-shirt. There were other people I knew around, and some interesting costumes by many. Dress was anything from casual to ball gowns to wizard robes.



The stage was set, the previous entertainment leaving. Now time for the actual acts. Riddle TM, Siriusly Hazza P, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Remus/ that guy from Draco and the Malfoys, Harry and the Potters... In between the acts, the organiser came on to explain the charities and talk about where everyone was from. I was mighty pleased to hear him use my favourite word, "sassenach" to describe the english people. To try and summarize. Siriusly Hazza P were a little odd, not my favourite by far. But one awesome moment was when they brought on "Fawkes": Neil Bird, the organiser. Because it was Scotland, they played (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles to the loudest singing along. Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons was amazing, I loved her cover of Gryffindor Rally Cry by Ministry of Magic. "Who are we fighting for? Gryffindor? This is battle, this is war." All the songs sound so much better live. The guy from Draco and the Malfoys played a song about how everyone died where no one knew whether to laugh or cry "they're all my friends and they're DEAD". He also played "my daddy's rich and your daddy's dead".

Harry and the Potters. Fuck that was a long wait. They joked that it was nice to not have to travel far to a show "normally we play shows in the US, which is thousands of miles from Hogwarts". The guy from Draco and the Malfoys (Brad? Was his name Brad?) was their drummer. He was wearing glasses but got so into it the glasses kept falling down his face and at one point ended in his mouth. The guy on keyboard/vocals got to the point where he was lying on the floor by my feet yelling random names. The guy on guitar would play it behind his head sometimes. The audience interactiveness was brilliant, the number of times people would be rushing through the crowd instead of staying on stage. At the end, the played a song like "he's the greatest professor", everyone swaying in a circle as the organiser was pushed in to the middle.

At some point the cake was cut, people queuing up for a piece. Nom.

Finally, the raffle prizes were collected. I got a CD, The Butterbeer Experience. My collection of items from the night:


The stage at the end:


Here is a album of photos from the night that are a lot better.

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