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My Story



A life listening to Green Day

All the time people ask me why Green Day is so important to me, and i can never really answer. I'm writing this for the people who gave a shit, and the ones who don't mind careing.

My first song

2005, I was in uhhh i think fourth grade, something like that, but it was back when my mother didn't have a car so i had to ride the bus to school, and they would always play this song on the radio, I walk this empty street bla la la la la and broken dreams, it would always be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Then one day, I was at my friend Alex’s house, and i was humming it and he said “Do you like Green Day?” and i said “What day?” he said “Thats their song.” so he proceeded to put in American Idiot, and in a flash I learned that all these songs i had liked where by the same band!

50 Yards From Him

For the Next couple years I acquired some mabie three Green Day albums American Idiot, 21st century breakdown, and Dookie. But then in 2009 my cozen said she was going to see them in Omaha at the Qwest center, and i jumped on the opportunity, and on MY BIRTHDAY august 13. I waited and waited for the day to come and the sleepless nights before the event made it even harder but time passed and the day finally came. I cannot describe the way I felt, it was a sensation of awe and amazement but these words simply do not compare to the true feelings I had that fateful night. Shplegalmic,,, thats close but still fake words don't even work.

My Addiction

After that point i had to have more! I soon bought all the other Green Day albums, and any green day item i could, posters, shirts, everything, i bought a broken copy of American Idiot because i didn't think it deserved to be thrown away. Then the research, once i emptied my town of all affordable Green Day products I went online figuring out who i was obsessing over. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Frank wili... third uuuuh TRE COOL! I learned everything wiki could tell me, Rodeo, trucker dad, high school, all the shit.

A State of Pause

I soon realized i had exhausted all my resources by 2010, nothing really left to do but relisten to the songs and buy shiz off the internet. It stayed this way till 2012, but then came American Idiot on Broadway! It reloaded me and i soon made the trip from Lincoln Nebraska all the way to Saint Louis Missouri. The drive was HELL, but I got there, two days early... I went to the hard rock cafe, went up the stupid arch thingy and Sight saw. TRAVELERS NOTE, if you wanna save 50 bucks a night stay the night at a hotel in Illinois across the river.

On Pins and Needles

It's now november 2012, I own Uno, Dos, and have the money for Tre. I have tickets for another showing of American Idiot on Broadway, and Have tickets to see them live in febuary, god forbid he isn't out of rehab by then. I actively create fan art and bleh blue bla bla. You don't care! But i don't care if you don't care!

P.S. I love Green Day more than you, nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.

Ethan Memming


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