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An Ode to PaulS



Paul is an awesome, kind, intelligent, wonderful guy and everything, but the reason I'm making this embarrasing blog post actually has nothing to do with that. It has to do with this forum's Fuck or Chuck thread. For those of you unfamiliar, it is what it sounds like it is: person a posts a picture of a person, person b replies with fuck, indicating that they would pursue relations with this person, or chuck, indicating that they would not.

Throwing my mind back to how it used to be, it almost makes me tremble at the thought. You could post a face blessed with the kiss of an angel, and, most likely, the odd looking hair coming out of their head or the slight curve of a nose would get a loud, resounding, often quite painful CHUUUUCK from the other end.

Then one day, as if by magic, a saviour by the name of PaulS came to rescue us. And suddenly the Fuck or Chuck thread became what it should have been all along -- that is, a refuge for the shallow and superficial to bask in the attractiveness of other people! I'm probably way too happy about the revival of the Fuck or Chuck thread, but tbh why even care.

Oh and also: Paul gives great and well thought out advice. And he's really nice. And handsome! It's true, check the Picture thread if you don't believe me

The Fuck or Chuck thread is awesome. So, so awesome.

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Little Girl Little One


omfg iolanda. did he say he'd fuck edge or

but yeah paul is indeed pretty cool beans yo

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Paul should post a picture of him in the fuck or chuck thread. He's fucking cute.

I'd so Fuck him


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Thank you for the best kind of ode there could be :wub:

I don't care about great and well-thought out advice. Anyone could do that. Playing my part in the revival of the Fuck and Chuck thread is surely my greatest achievement.

And to the rest of you: good night, sweet dreams, I love you. And would fuck you all. Often and well.

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no alison, he'd do that anyway. i did this out of the kindness of my heart. and also because he posted this picture of luke kirby that made me girly squeal and it made me fully appreciate the thread being restored.

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