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[ART] A Weekend of Intellectual Badassery



Ah this weekend, probably one of the only ones in which I've flipped not one but two tractor trailer trucks with my mind alone. I do one all the time.

Other than that I spent most of the weekend doing homework...but boy, what a schedule I had! It's not every weekend I manage things so well. I completely knocked out an essay due tomorrow, contributed to my group project for friday, and put a hurtin' on another essay that's due Tuesday. And we haven't even gotten to the best part. I did all of that while working on THIS:


I'd call this a level up in my art-ing skills. This is my end of that art trade I mentioned one or two entries back. I dunno, i want to talk about how awesome I think its, but that'd be kind of narcissistic, no? I'll just let the image speak for itself. Also, just so we're clear, I didn't do the background. Just the redhead chick with fantastically drawn tits. I gotta say, that is the best looking breasts I've ever drawn.

So yeah, I'm pretty impressed with myself this weekend, even if I'm going to be busy straight on into Tuesday. Could I be working right now? Yes. However, I think it's fair for me to take time out tonight to look back on a good long weekend. Wednesday I gave my room a much needed dusting and vaccuuming, Thursday i had an excellent Thanksgiving playing Mario Party and Apples to Apples with my family, Friday I helped my Dad with christmas lights and whatnot, Saturday I alternated outlining my drawing and reading a book/writing an essay and today I've done essentially the same thing. I'm feeling rather good about myself, and I like that so I'm going to stick with it and enjoy the last hour or two of my long weekend.

I don't have an Youtubes for you since I haven't been able to record, and I don't think I'll even get to recording anything until Wednesday since I still have some things to work on. Part of one of my essays might force a trip to the library tomorrow. Why professors feel the need to assign something where you need to go get a resource, in this case, i need a photocopied page of the DSM, is beyond me. That's not testing my skill, it's testing my patience. Yick. Oh well, all else fails, i learned how to Google pdfs this weekend.

I'm going to be pretty stoked after this week is over, since it's kinda like that awful week I had about two weeks ago where I had tests all over the place. This time it's essays. The good news this time is that essays are far less common affairs, and none of them are bone-breaking. Plus I've managed my time pretty decently so yeah.

I'm boring now, so lemme know what you think of the drawing in the comments and stuff and I'd appreciate it

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Little Girl Little One


Wow, she's freaking badass! And good work on the shading on everything! Really, I am impressed. And her tits are indeed glorious. :P

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