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confined to my nightmares (copyright 24/11/12) copyright of jacqui



the maddness sets in

you cant fix me

you cant fight it

this dream of what used to be

its scared my soul away

the scars on my heart

are all that remain

are you seeing this

is there light shining in

or can you see in the dark

the peices of me that

lie scattered on the floor

coz i feel like im still

hidden in the dark

pain is my constant compainion

the cold thats creeping in

slowly fading into the night

and drinking in saddness

so slowly i drown

in these old memories


a life of my own thats taken for granted

and haunting me when i sleep

voices in my head killing memories that i keep


surronded by walls with no windows

ive got no way to escape

confined to living a nightmare

from fear in the memories i keep

(i own all copy rights to this and all realted documents any use of this must first be aprovved of the copyright holder to prevent leagal action)


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i just went to my lawer and my local justice of the peace and got them to sight a copy of my work sign and date stamp it and post it back to my self so i have a sealed signed copy so if i see my work being used i can prove i had it first then stop them using it im no sure where you live so it could work diferently and here a jp is free but the cost of the lawer depends on their price they charge but check the rules on copywright with your local area in mind google probly the best way

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hope that answers your question

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