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Time Travel Between Entries?



Okay so it's been a while again. Thing is, I've been trying to do a review of Dos, all oral and shit like my Uno one, but I just haven't done it yet.

I know you're all at the edge of your seats waiting for that one.

But yeah, probably won't happen until next week now, since I have papers for school I need to work on for...then. One of them is about a book, and I've neither picked nor read a book I can do. Exciting times. Admittedly though, since the only thing the assignment actually wants is a summary, I'm not sure I'd actually have to read the whole thing. Don't you just love that? Well, I hope that'll be the case anyway. I also need to pick a movie with a character with a disorder for another class. I don't want to go with the obvious Fight Club or Donnie Darko either...which admittedly limits my choices of movies available to me with easy answers. Feh, I'll probably end up doing one of those.

So then, what else to talk about? I haven't been doing anything creative really, except a drawing that I've been working on for an art trade with a friend. Thing is, she doesn't seem quite as excited about it as I am...but no one ever is in a creative endeavor with me, it seems. I'm always happy to work with people on stuff and collaborate and things but I dunno, like a lot of things in my life, it never seems to materialize. One fan...that's all I ask for sometimes...just someone who's interested in what I'm doing and enjoys it no less than they do some billion dollar franchise entry.

But we're not going on another one of THOSE rants, not on the eve of Thanksgiving. I do love me some Thanksgiving, even though I always ask to be able to cook something and never seem to get to do it. I'm always on table detail. Oh well. I can't fucking believe it's the holidays again already. It really puts into perspective how much time I waste in front of this screen...cleaning my room today had me thinking about how often I actually do this, and honestly it's been months. There are things I always say I'll do or start doing...yknow, starting "tomorrow" because right now I'm too tired, and then a day goes by and I think "there's always tomorrow" and so the hours turn into days and the days into weeks and weeks into month...and I'm STILL thinking about it.

I guess I can take comfort then, in things like the above with my friend, since it tells me I am definitely not alone in this regard. Everyone says "eh, there's always tomorrow." While it helps nothing get done, it at least lets me know that it's not a deficiency exclusive to me. That's no excuse for not doing it, however, and while that's easy to say...consider I'm just kind of typing this rather than doing something.

The quickening passage of time is pretty scary though, and when you think about it it's easy to get jittery. Like holy shit, here's another year and another holiday season without a girlfriend or just something new. Every year it seems to be nothing new, and yet more of the old falls away. I realize that time is a hell of a thing...the wear and tear it has on a person and how it can make all the difference. The five year gap between my sister and I sometimes seems rather small, but others, it seems like the difference between red and blue. It definitely paints the world we live in.

But more on that some other time since I want this to be rather brief since I literally have no media or anything for you. I hope the Americans enjoy their Thanksgiving (myself included) tomorrow, and refuse to do anything Black Friday related because 8PM tomorrow is NOT even Friday yet. Black Friday is stupid...and it's dumb...and it's stupid. Like Castlevania 2. Cut that joke.

I mean, a facebook post had it right when they found the irony in the day of our greatest shows of greed for the things we don't have coming right after the day that is supposed to celebrate the things we do.

Ah hell, maybe I'll do an entry tomorrow too...since I could certainly benefit from counting my blessings...


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Little Girl Little One


Dude, as soon as I finish my exams, we should totally do an art trade. I NEED MOTIVATION TO DRAW. We could decide what we want from each other right here right now so I'll be ready to roll when the artsing time comes. Just don't ask me to do a diamond pony like my friend asked. Like I honestly don't even. :ermm:

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Alright, I'm totally game for that. I'd expand on why, but I kinda did that in this entry lol.

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Ummm....I dunno. I kinda want to say "take one of my OCs and surprise me." Which seems like a good idea to me actually.

Who/what do you want me to draw? And also, when do you finish exams so I know when I should procrastinate?

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Little Girl Little One


I can do that for you. ^^

And um um ummmmm... could you draw me a red-haired female pirate? I'm in a pirate-y mood, and red hair is always fantastic.

My exams are finished on the 20th of December. The last possible day in the 2-week exam period. :dry: I might draw your thing in between, since I also happen to have exams on the first two possible days of the two week-exam period. :dry: :dry: I have a week of nothing in between the third and fourth and it's not like I'll be studying the whole time.

(making this post about me whoops)

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Oh I'm good at that too. In fact, I think it's about to happen right about now.

Sure, I can do that, sounds interesting....and I'm just realizing that I've thought up a few female pirates in my time...and they're all redheads. But I'll try and be original for this one.

I think mine are finished around then too, though I think I go up to the 22nd, but I'll probably do it before then since I'll be procrastinating like a mofo.

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Little Girl Little One


Well, I guess the lesson we can get out of my drawing choice is that great minds think alike, eh?

Ahhh, I want to start drawing right now, but nope nope I must be responsible.

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Yep. Pirate girls should be redheads, yknow? All that time in the sun....which reminds me that the Gerudos are pirates, and they're redheads. So this just makes sense on several levels.

I must be responsible as well, but I'll probably be drawing anyway and be responsible later.

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